Saturday, May 30, 2009

Thing 6: Blog Readers

I used to use bloglines last year, but migrated to Google when I realized just how more convenient Google is. It is really a one stop shop. Which is also kind of scary in its own way.

I have my blogs set up into distinct categories: librarian, culturetech, and kids. I am trying to separate my work from personal life in these distinctions, but it is hard. The only one I know isn't work is kids. In my culturetech folder I use many blog posts from the blogs I follow as inspiration. Or I find out things for work. In fact, from Lifehacker, I found a tip that cut down on the amount of blog posts I had to slog through. Now I show my blogs in list form instead of expanded, and with the categories don't have to click through to each single blog.

From your 46 subscriptions, over the last 30 days you read 771 items, starred 0 items, shared 30 items, and emailed 7 items.

So even though that seems like a lot, in reality I only read in between 20 and 30% of those 46 blogs (with the exception of Free Range Kids 100%!). When I am sharing an item, I've really only been doing that so I can remember to go back and read it in depth later.

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