Saturday, July 18, 2009

Thing 15: Digg

I don't know how I feel about Digg. It seems like an interesting site to see what the current "news" of the day is, but I already use SO many other 2.0 things... It reminds me of which aggregates news stories in a funny way, which is a 1.0 site. It is pretty sad, but I tend to use Boing Boing as my news source since I don't seem to find time to read newspapers or other magazines. I feel well read in books, but not in current events. Case in point: the Sotomayor hearings. The only thing I've heard about them is that one of the senator's asking her questions had once been turned down for a federal judgeship because he was (an accused) racist.

It is personally gratifying to see that one of the Harry Potter actors is a drug dealer on a visceral reality show, entertainment tonight way (I don't watch either of those things).

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