Friday, July 17, 2009

Thing 14: Delicious

So I like my delicious account because it is a portable bookmarks device. I've used it for awhile now, my first bookmark being in April 2007. It became really useful at my job because I am always moving from computer to computer and it wasn't keeping my favorites. Also when I go home and am trying to remember something I saw during the day? Forget it. My links are at The only thing I don't like are the random tags where I've only tagged one thing. Hello startrek and starwars! We are starting to use this at work thanks to a senior reference assistant at the main branch who is also doing 23things. I find great potential in using it as a depository of links so we can remember them and not just email them to each other when we think it might be useful.

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the1tbone said...

I agree ...having bookmarks available from any computer is handy!! I'm using my account much more now than I did in the past. Oh, and I love your "wordle" jpg!! Where did you create that at?