Thursday, June 01, 2006

...of six months on the job

In January I scored to professional positions, both on a part-time basis. One is for the City of Carrollton. I am a temp for when other librarians are out. I worked quite a bit in March, but only nabbed two Sundays in May. There are three other temp librarians, all with more experience. We temp on a "first answered-first get" system, and the others must have their email on 24 hours a day.

My other position is for the City of Haslet. I am the "head librarian", although in reality, I am the only one who has a paid position. My director is actually a school librarian that volunteers her time for $1 a year. Since the library is so new, and the town so small, I have been able to, basically, create the position from the ground up.

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