Sunday, December 04, 2005

...of a position?

I have been looking for work for more than six months now, although the heavy part did not start until September. But finally, I have two interviews scheduled in less than four days apart. My first actual librarian interviews.

Some of the questions that were asked, I was stumped by because I had not gone to an interview yet.

1. What are your five favorite reference tools? Sort of a "if you were stuck on an island...?" question. I said (and not in this order) The Encyclopedia Britannica, The Periodical Guide to Literature, Mapsco (or atlas), Google and IMDB. I absolutely rely on Google at home, and was not sure if I should include that as an answer, but the supervisor reassured me that she uses Google every day. The Internet Movie Database is just a resource that I really like and I was hoping it made me sound "edgy."

2. If a librarian you are working with gets a question wrong to a patron, would you correct them? This was a tricky one. I said that if it was more of an opinion, such as pointing someone to a less suitable reference, than I would say no and hope that by the person knowing where the general area was to find that information, they might stumble upon mine. But if it was something that was just wrong, then I would interject, and hope that my colleague and I had a good enough relationship that something like that would not hinder it.

The managing librarian said that the only reason I had got the interview is because she liked the look of my resume, particularly in the font choice of my name. At least my design skills are getting put to good use. I just hope that something else will be soon.

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